Welcome to DEVICE project E-learning platform

The DEVICE project aspires to bridge traditional industrial design programmes with ergonomics, usability concepts and user experience approaches by addressing the need to modernize and develop educational programmes with a specific focus on vulnerable generations, especially children and elderly people.

Within the project 9 educational modules were developed:

  • Context: tools to understand and analyze the context of user interaction
  • Creativity: ranging from creative thinking to design
  • Design: improving designers' skills in managing a design process
  • Empathy: tools for an empathic approach
  • Evaluation: evaluation methods to test and validate with users
  • Introduction to Design and HCI: initial overview of the topics and concepts
  • Market Analysis and Legislation: about societal issues and business principles
  • User Capabilities: specific capabilities and limitations of vulnerable generations
  • User Involvement: how to involve users in the design process.

The modules are intended to be used as building blocks in courses aimed at training students and professionals in the area of design for vulnerable generation.

This e-learning platform supports the pilot experiences and exchange of practices among researchers.

E-learning platform